Apply good practice

Knowing how to do things well is vital for getting the results you want. Good practice can be modelled and learnt through the development and implementation of templates, tools and guides, and through professional development and training. Getting to the heart of good practice requires clear knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to convey meaning, map and describe processes, and write in plain English. The effective and profound transfer of knowledge and behaviours also requires the ability to facilitate learning that meets the needs of participants regardless of their learning style. See examples of our work in applying good practice under these key headings:

Guides, tools and templates

Professional development



Pathway to a healthy community: Guide for local government (2017) for WA Health in partnership with WA Local Government Association.

This resource was designed to encourage Western Australian councils to better integrate health and wellbeing into their core business. Its primary audience is councillors, but it also has appeal to senior managers and health planners. The Guide features concepts and key messages on the determinants of health; case studies; and ‘prompting questions’ relating to different population groups, for example, older people.

Disaster recovery toolkit for local government for Emergency Management Victoria

This eight module toolkit includes advice on planning for recovery from natural disasters dealing with understanding the dynamics following the event and the recovery journey, community engagement and business continuity for councils.

Toolkit for Evaluating Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans for the Department of Health Victoria Eastern Metropolitan Region

PDF developed an evaluation toolkit in close collaboration with local government in the region and provided training and development in use of the toolkit. Seven modules were developed to simplify evaluation concepts and support practical application of evaluation to MPHWP planning and implementation.

Heatwave Planning Guide: Development of heatwave plans in local councils in Victoria for the Public Health Unit, Department of Human Services Victoria

A three-part guide designed to assist local councils to develop strategies to respond to heatwaves including background to the impacts of heatwaves, preparing a heatwave plan and a communication strategy.

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Talking Participation Taking Action: A Local Government Guide to Youth Participation for the Office of Children and Youth Affairs Tasmania

A three-part resource designed to encourage councils to design and implement models of youth participation appropriate to their specific circumstances including Approaches to Youth Participation, Case Studies and Resources and Youth Participation Tools.

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Solving the Puzzle of Integrated Planning: Tools for integrating community wellbeing across local government for the Eastern Metropolitan Region Health Planners Network Department of Health Victoria

Developed to support health promotion officers achieve integrated planning in their councils including a Stakeholder Analysis tool, Working Together tool, Activity Register and workshops tailored to the needs of individual councils.

Walking School Bus: A guide for parents and teachers for VicHealth

A step-by-step web-based guide designed for teachers, parents of school-age children and local government project staff wishing to establish a walking school bus in their area.

A local government guide to effective communication with culturally and linguistically diverse food businesses for the Food Safety Unit of the Department of Human Services Victoria

The three-part guide provides support to environmental health officers working in local government to work more effectively and consistently with food businesses operated by people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds to improve compliance with food safety standards and achieve sustainable change in food safety practice.

Resource guide for planning effective community drug prevention for the Premier’s Drug Council Victoria

Guide assists local communities in Victoria to develop strategies to prevent drug use.

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Prevention of harm from alcohol consumption in rural and remote communities for the Australian Drug Foundation

Explores strategies for reducing harm from alcohol consumption in rural and remote communities in Victoria based on an issues paper and local responses using regulation, enforcement, advocacy, community programs, social marketing and service provision.

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Victorian Food Safety Templates for the Department of Health Victoria

Based on international research and trialled with the range of food businesses, the templates provide assistance to meet the requirements of food safety legislation.

Local government reducing harm from alcohol consumption for the Australian Drug Foundation

Uses an integrated approach to planning to encourage Victorian councils to reduce harm from alcohol consumption in their local communities; included an issues paper, a newsletter and fact sheets.

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Putting the economic environment to work: Towards planning for health and wellbeing through the economic environment for the Department of Health Victoria Southern Metropolitan Region

Resource supports understanding and consideration of the economic environment for health in planning for the health and wellbeing of local communities.

Integrated Fire Management Planning Guide 2010 for the State of Victoria

Designed to assist local fire management planning committees meet their obligations to develop, implement and monitor fire management plans as prescribed by the Victorian Government following the Black Saturday bush fires.


Delivery of a Professional Development Strategy across 10 Local Government Authorities most affected by the 2009 bushfires (2013-14) for the Department of State Development, Business and Innovation Victoria

This capacity building had a dual focus – to develop each council’s role in supporting community recovery, and for each council to be able to better manage the internal impact of a disaster on the Council organisation. The project included the design and development of resources; delivery of professional development workshops; strengthening regional recovery networks; building community engagement capacity; and improving internal council business through workforce management; resource sharing; and business continuity. The suite of resources targets councillors, executive and management staff, emergency management and recovery staff, and all other council staff.

Leading the Way: Councils creating healthier communities for VicHealth

A resource and seminar series designed to encourage Victorian councils to better integrate health and wellbeing into their core business; included presentations and workshops to all 79 Councils.

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Councillor development workshops for the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

A series of workshops for councillors focused on making decisions in complex times. Sessions were delivered at MAV Councillor Development Weekends and as dedicated workshops across Victoria.

Councillor development workshops for the Great South Coast group of Councils

Workshops were developed and delivered to elected councillors about the meaning of health and wellbeing and the application of the four environments for health model.

Navigating for Health and Wellbeing for the Department of Health Victoria Southern Metropolitan Region

A resource and professional development project to support understanding and collaboration across local government business units.

Physical Activity Participation for Queensland Health

Workshops conducted in Brisbane, Roma and Charleville.


Growing Enabling Organisations for the Department of Economic Development Tasmania

Training provided business development and business planning workshops, along with follow up one-on-one support, for small to medium sized businesses and community organisations.

ShowSkills Program for the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (in partnership with the Federal Council of Agricultural Societies)

Developed and delivered resources and business management training for agricultural show societies around Australia following comprehensive survey of needs and two national pilots.

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Wineskills for the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

This resource and training was developed in association with Wine Food Tourism to support business planning and marketing for small and medium sized wineries around Australia and included case studies, templates and financial models.

Food Security and Physical Activity participation short courses for VicHealth

These short courses, delivered across Victoria to state and local government and the community sector, focused on applying a ‘social determinants of health’ lens to the topic content.