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Disaster Recovery Toolkit

In undertaking a professional development strategy for the ten local councils most affected by the 2009 bushfires in Victoria, we have produced a suite of tools that are designed to assist councils and others to strengthen their response to future emergencies and in particular improve the process of disaster recovery.

Click here for Book 1: Understanding disaster recovery

Click here for Book 2: Recovery readiness: preparation for recovery before a disaster

Click here for Book 3: When disaster strikes: the first days and weeks

Click here for Book 4: Beyond disaster: the months and years ahead

Click here for Book 5: Council business matters: managing the challenges of disaster recovery

Click here for Book 6: Regional recovery networks

Click here for Book 7: Engaging the community in disaster recovery

Click here for Book 8: Recovery tools and other resources



Click here for the presentations from the Southern Metropolitan Region Forum bringing together health planners, social planners and urban planners.